Clive Barker with Pinhead. I’ll be discussing Hellraiser (1987) on episode 190 of Talk Without Rhythm Podcast.

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Yeah. Didn’t think so.

I’m tired of this. Let’s talk. Me and you. Its old already. I’m not gonna answer anonymous messages so create a fake Skype account or a kik or something so I could end this.

I’m overwhelmed with fatal issues in my family and you’re just being a leech on my arm. So get it together, stop being a pussy. You got my attention now.


There should be chat room on Netflix so you can talk to people watching the same episode as you.

Just a reflection. Ongoing personal problems, and it begins to pile on and weigh down your back. But I’m ready for this, I’m built for this.


Lake Thun Ferdinand Hodler

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Stone Cold Steve Austin

I don’t even care anynore.. Keep harassing me. I’m worried about things that matter more than you continuing to harass and stalk me.

Don’t care about anything, just need need this to get better. I need YOU to get better. :’(


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