Weighted pull ups. Fuck these things. #pullup #pullups #gym #fitness #fitspo #instafit #gotosleeep

Holding back tears.

I miss my family so much..

My friend’s mom called my name in Spanish and just something like that so small triggered a soft spot. It was great to hear, since all I hear is English yelling every day.

*sigh* the things you give up just for the people you love have it better. I miss you guys so much.

Calm. (and they say it doesn’t rain in southern California)

*rustles around for phone in dark room*

It’s currently 2:21 am here in San Diego, and from yesterday till now its rained for the first time since I’ve gotten here in July.

No idea what it is with me and the rain that click so well, everything just feels right. Its sort of nostalgic almost, a feeling I’ve craved and desired for a very long time, such a simple thing.

Such a simple thing as water falling from the sky makes me feel so good. Its beautiful, if I wanted to - I can actually cry because I feel so relieved, so happy to hear, see and feel something which has been missing for so long..

Where have you been rain? I’ve missed you so much. And I know that you’ll be leaving me and won’t be back for a long time, just know that I appreciate you and this relationship we have.

I learned that you only follow me for my average face, so here’s a drunk selfie from last night. Fuck these glasses though.

#drunkselfie #drunk #stupidnerdglasses #ihada3point8gpaincollegethough
#nodegreethough #everythingwasthesame

Just something I found in my gallery…

Girls who really know their hip hop makes me happy in my pants.

Thank you Em.

For this album, as lame and stupid as it sounds, I now have another piece to put myself together because this album was everything I thought it would be. For some reason, he releases his albums perfectly paralleled to my own life. Relapse was a shock to my system and a wakeup call. Recovery was exactly that, it helped me get my life together while I was at a semi-suicidal/depressed stage in my own life. Now MMLP2 is a revisit and reinvention of my own life, because now I’m almost at my pinnacle and it does just that.

Lame, whatever. But it’s just an observation I’ve made, and now another album I have to get me through life.

Thank you Marshall.

Long distance and raging hormones..

Post workout selfies. Don’t mind my ugly vamp face. Lookin like Dracula and shit.

Navy PRT

92 sit ups and 110 pushups for me PRT? Shit, I exceeded my own expectations. Who’s fuckin with me?!

Just believe in yourself, always.


Gonna miss chow (dinner) on the ship, but fuck it, extra gym time. Weights for dinner.


I will never have abs because of the food they serve on my ship.

The struggles of a sailor.

Great time with great friends dancing last night. I really needed it. Got all this Dominican energy dying to get out, couldn’t let it out with these white people. Lmao.

I wish some of you spoiled pieces of shit can appreciate  the meaning of life.


Everyone’s significant other is spending time with them before we go out to sea and here I am playing Pokemon.

Anyway, going underway in the AM. Be back in about 10-12 days or so. So I hope you guys don’t miss me too much. (Just kidding, you all fucking hate me)

Later guys.