Sort of at a loss for words.

Frank Ocean just came out as gay/bi or whatever. Which is great to him, loads of respect and I’m proud of him accepting himself enough to be comfortable enough to let that out into the public despite rumors. While there is a great upside to this, there is sort of a slight downside to it. Has nothing to do with his sexuality at all. I support the bi/homosexual community and their right to be miserable like the rest of us.

However, the slight downside, is I fear he’s gonna blow up and be famous for being bi-sexual, not for being the talented motherfucker that he is. I’m fearing that his amazing talent to write, sing and express himself is going to be overshadowed just for his sexuality regardless of talent. While being open about your sexuality is great, I don’t want him to be seen as ‘the gay singer’. I want him to be seen as Frank Ocean. 

That’s my only fear.

I love and respect you bro. I’ll love your music whether you’re gay, straight, bi, dead, alive, white, black, cactus, chair, cat, or dog. You’ll be that nigga regardless of anything, but I want the world to see you for you, and not just your sexuality. You gained double my respect for being comfortable with yourself and letting it be known you’re not ashamed. Keep spilling your soul for us, we’ll always love you and support you through it. Thank you for the wonderful music. #ChannelOrange.


You write me love letters with your father’s pen..If he knew the freaky, freaky things that you write with it..