I’m having a HORRIBLE FUCKING DAY. I wanna smash and break shit.

Everything is going wrong. No I’m not gonna tell anyone about it, and no I’m not gonna go into deeper depth. Everything is pissing me off. So NO. Don’t ask me about shit.

Even knowing I should turn up the brightness on my laptop because I’m squinting my eyes to type this right now because I’m by the window makes me wanna snap this laptop in half and throw it across the room. But I won’t.

When the fuck is shit gonna get better?

Niggas is learning math out here. I’m moving up in life. Lmao!

I had to go to college to finally begin to understand math.

Man…I ain’t shit.

These early classes are murdering me.

Getting up early, after sleeping like shit isn’t cool. Not one bit.


School has been having me tired as fuck every day. I’ve napped two days in a row so far. I guess this is what’s gonna be happening for the rest of the semester. Lol.

I do love my sociology class, so I guess its worth it.

End of summer and so on.

Well, tomorrow begins the last weekend of my summer, I start back in college on Monday. I’m actually looking forward to it, due to the fact that my summer sucked dick. It had its good moments here and there, mostly around my birthday which were some great days. But other than that, I’m over this summer.

Kinda early, but I’m already excited for next summer. Because next summer I will be in a much better place with myself and my finances. Hopefully I’ll have a car and all that come next year. I should definitely be done with school also. Starting Monday I’m gonna work out like an animal for the rest of my life. No excuses, no excuses, no excuses.

Sometime during the year, or even the summer I’d like to make a trip to NY again. I miss my friends and my family beyond anyone can imagine. I also miss the lifestyle and I don’t think I’ll ever not miss it. But that’s okay.

I made a lot of goals for myself, and you bet your fucking ass I’m gonna accomplish them.

Nothing else to say, fuck this. *slaps microphone stand*

There’s this couple I see in this cafeteria I see every day, an asian dude and a black chick; and I swear its like there’s hope for humans in this world because that shows that love really has no color.


I definitely didn’t get enough sleep last night..